In addition to Corporate Finance and Strategy for a Fortune 500 company, I'm also a professional photographer.  The draw to it was natural, however after funding quite a few photo shoots for my wife's clothing line, @joelleallencollection, I became extremely frustrated by the cost and limitations put on photos that we need to push the line forward.  Hell, sometimes the photo shoot cost more than building the collection itself.
After that experience, I've been well trained, and have the best glass and equipment Nikon has to offer, and my goal is simple and clear.  Offer Outstanding photos to people at an affordable price, with no usage restrictions!
I'm good at what I do, reach out and ping me to take your social media portraits, or whatever to the highest standard possible.  No more selfies... telephones are cool, but a well composed photo will crush that everyday of the week.  Hit me up when you're ready.

Greater NYC Area

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